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  My HiFi Setup
  I never used to pay too much attention to my listening room; the stereo and speakers were always placed where ever they were most convenient and looked the best. Like fancy cables, speaker stands, and other audiophile paraphernalia, I always assumed that such things were fun to play with and argue about, but were basically nonsense. I knew nothing of what a difference the correct setup could make to the quality of the sound and the listening experience.  
  In my various living rooms over the years, I always put the stereo on my huge wall unit that occupies one end of the room, and I also put the speakers on shelves on the outside edges of the wall unit. Unfortunately, the couch where I usually sit was always at a rightangle to the wall unit and the stereo, but I was always happy with the sound.  
  Then I ran across this article, and I decided to give it a shot. I built some speaker stands (described here), and moved the speakers out along the wall opposite the couch. I spaced them about 8 feet apart and turned them slightly to point at the center of the couch about 10 feet away. The setup is shown in the three photos below.  
  The Wall Unit
  The Room
  The Speakers
  The Speakers
  What a difference! Placing the speakers on stands in the correct place made more improvement to the sound than just about anything else I have done. I get chills now when I sit on my couch and listen to music. And, fortunately, I was able to do it in such a way that it passed muster with the better half (she appreciates the music almost as much as I do).